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Corporate Facilitator utilizes rationality and intellectually precise reasoning to help corporations operate efficiently. Utilizing out-of-the-box, identity-based coaching services that expose and amplify hidden strengths, clients are enabled to see beyond limitations.  This is how conflicts become irrelevant and harmonious collaboration makes the most sense.  As the originators of the identity based consulting model, Corporate Facilitator is completely unique in the world of consulting.  This consulting approach is NOT taught in Graduate School.


Nash Mourad, Owner, is a leadership coach, strategic partnering & alignment advisor, and partner conflict mediator, fluent in multiple corporate industry and functional languages.  He improves relationships within and between organizations.  He conceptualizes strategic solutions from multiple agendas, drivers, motivations, risks, and stakeholders.  He identifies and exposes hidden talent.  He helps individuals and organizations find clarity, set actions and maintain focus.  A published author, he coaches the coaches, teaches individuals, and corporate clients.  His focus areas are Conceptual and Strategic. 




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