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The Right Mind Academy - Principles

2024年6月3日 - 2024年9月27日

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This is four months of intense training in a different way of thinking. It's called Right-Mindedness. My purpose is to expose participants to the Principles of Right Mindedness through participation in real conversations about real relationship issues. The class style might be called a "facilated dialog." As the teacher, my role is to demonstrate and enable the conversational style, called Right Mindedness; when this is habitual in the student, the transformation has begun and solutions become recognizable. Class Size is limited to 10. Participants engage two facilitated 1-hour dialogs per week for 3 weeks each month and 1 private 30 minute session on week 4 of each month: 6.5 hours. A 2000 word paper is required each month for 3 of the 4 months. Month 4, the final month, includes an exam that covers the principles. Exams are all written submissions of answers without a minimum word count.

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