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We align leadership and transform organizations.



Our corporate ethic is unique to others in the consulting marketplace.  Why?  Because we enable YOU to solve your problems then MOVE ON, not use the opportunity in an attempt to "stick around" to sell you more work.  Through reasoning and practicality, we enable you to see your organization from the outside in ways you simply cannot see from the inside.



Our service set is designed and performed unlike most in the consulting marketplace.  How? Our unique approach to inculcating change fosters movement from the start - not three to six months later.  We are Corporate "Fixers" - able to eliminate problems while enhancing performance.



Our unmatched breadth and depth of experience in the Commercial and Government Sectors coupled with an unparalleled list of industries and verticals enables us to offer exceptional marketplace insight, rapid conflict resolution, and momentum towards your objectives.

Client Comments

Typical management consultants take years and big expenditures to accomplish not even half of what Corporate Facilitator accomplishes in weeks.  We had what we perceived to be showstopper challenges on a multi-billion dollar project.  We engaged Corporate Facilitator PART TIME, less than 20 hours a week, for about 2 months.  We could barely believe the results but, by the end, we, the leaders, had changed our perspectives such that partnering was the only thing that made sense.  We actually started solving challenges with each other and, perhaps more importantly, could continue operating on schedule.  Corporate Facilitator sees through politicking and cuts to the core issues in rapid speed.  The one-on-one coaching sessions were amazing.  We saved time and money because CF enabled us to recognize and use OUR OWN talents carrying forward.

-TTW, Senior Business Leader-


The way Corporate Facilitator engages cannot be found in any graduate school textbook.  CF has an entirely unique and super fast way to catalyze personal and organizational transformation.  How can that be?  I just completed my PhD in Organizational Change Management yet, in speaking with CF, I learned of a completely different, simpler, but far more effective, way to relate to the topic of behavioral change.  The good thing is that CF clients do not need to understand how because that is probably a set of multi life lessons.   All one need do is describe your scene then let CF do what it does. 

-RNN, Executive In-House Leadership Consultant-



More Client Comments

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