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Client Comments

Corporate Facilitator is some sort of Master, Genius, Shaman or Guru. I do not think that there exists a term Master for what they do, but it is the most fitting description and I encourage them to both accept this and communicate it unabashedly. Corporate Facilitator seems to have a multidimensional awareness of  business environments, people - purpose - process, etc such that we were always in some sort of trans-formative learning mode. But, we did not even notice it, it was just a conversation.  One never walks away from a conversation with Corporate Facilitator as the same person. Something will change, it might by very subtle but organizations actually change for their betterment through Corporate Facilitator.

-RK, Senior Business Leader-


I heard a rumor that Nash could read minds, so I asked him about that.  His response was simply to smile and say, *Yeah but only the good stuff - you can’t build a team or an organization with all the ego nonsense floating about, negative thinking limits options, but the genuinely appreciative thoughts - are unifying power.*  He worked with all levels of leadership - from the most junior to the most senior.  I highly recommend engaging Corporate Facilitator LLC.
-JQ, Senior Business Leader



Nash is like the *Dr. House* of Corporations. He seems to be able to see right through every sort of politicking, individual and group agendas, that tends to go on at times. He is about rationality and being intellectually precise. That seems to enable him to help his clients cut to the quick and resolve critical issues at play. He seems to be able to see way ahead of our organization. I am pleased to endorse Corporate Facilitator.

-PHL, Senior Business Leader


Nash, in a short period of time, tremendously enhanced the very movement of the organization through his teachings of ways to understand organizational socialization. The Information Resource Management Office (IRMO), now National Centers for Public Health and Informatics (NICPHI) within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has moved forward years ahead its anticipated accomplishments by his participation and training. I would highly recommend formal training of awareness to any organization through his services. The result will be cohesion inside of the organization that will greatly enhance its ability to execute objectives quickly and effectively.

-Vaughn McMullin, President & CEO-


It is true that Nash seems to easily think out-of-the-box, but he is the only consultant I have ever encountered that actually has the key to the box.  With every coaching session, which seemed like casual conversations, I think he used his key to help us out of our inflexible perceptions.  The result was better leaders and a better organization.  He was also of critical value in helping us identify unrecognized talent in our organization. At first, we were surprised by his leadership recommendations - but he was spot on.  He seems to see through people right to their gifts.

-CJT, Senior Business Leader



Nash does not consult, nor is he a consultant. He is experienced in corporate culture, but unencumbered by its conventions. Nash is a business Sherpa, a guide for personal growth and a facilitator of individual development.

-John Breckow, Senior Business Leader-


The small-minded make conflicts and lawyers tend to amplify those same conflicts into something even worse. Corporate Facilitator, however, transforms the very value of conflict itself into a learning opportunity - such that we actively wondered how we ever could have ever allowed ourselves to become this way.

-BM, Senior Business Leader-


Your ability to bring clarity to the abstract is an awesome talent.

-Jack Corrie, President & CEO, Tae Kwon Do - Grand Master (9th Degree), 3-Time World Tae Kwon Do Champion, former CIO of the Year-


Our multi-billion dollar major capital project and partnership seemed like it was headed for failure and it was frustrating to say the least. Corporate Facilitator saved us millions in legal fees they helped us avoid and they did this without any impact to schedule.

-JM, Senior Business Leader-


Years behind schedule, three GMs, and every day seemed a sad and hopeless array of frustration across the organization. BUT, after Corporate Facilitator (CF) began engaging, we did not really know what happened. I am not even sure we know now. Yes, there were one-on-one coaching sessions with our leaders and, yes, there were post meeting debriefs in which we learned. BUT CF seems to truly understand STRATEGIC change leadership - meaning CF knows how to lead change without making anyone feel the weight of their presence. CF seems to have set an invisible change vector in our minds. Months after their departure, things continue to improve like the buttons they pushed had a permanence to them. Things are better and only getting better.

-CHC, Senior Business Leader-


Months after Corporate Facilitator departed, we are beginning to understand that TRUE strategic leadership is the ability to catalyze motion without drawing any attention to oneself. After CF left, the world here continues to improve. CF seems to have set our organization on a positive change vector of far greater implications than we ever thought were possible.

-GFS, Senior Business Leader-


A new national branding strategic plan is what we needed but with so many third party contractors to bring onto the same page, it seemed an ambitious feat. We engaged Corporate Facilitator and, wow, got far more than we expected. Somehow, CF seemed to almost instantaneously grasp not just our diverse perspectives but how they all might come together. CF essentially drove us to our own solution. CF has a rare gift in some sort of conceptual mind mapping yet the results are very tangible.

-DRM, Executive Business Leader-


I am responsible for the strategic direction of my company for multiple countries in one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world. It took years to earn such a position but I learned the importance of listening along the way. Corporate Facilitator is an exceptional listener but seemingly able to grasp scenarios from well outside of any box or model we had been using. Even our game theory consultants operate in a very two dimensional space. Corporate Facilitator helped us see more creative strategic options than we realized were out there. Where some consultants are good in one or two dimensions, Corporate Facilitator seems to operate way beyond that yet were also able to quickly help us go from the abstract to the concrete.

-EML, Senior Business Leader-


Corporate Facilitator has a way of looking at business strategy that actively influenced the way we relate to ourselves and our business environment - and, yes, things changed in a good way. We could see real alternatives as a result. Corporate Facilitator does NOT think inside the box but seems to fully grasp the BOX itself. Corporate Facilitator helped us see what we either could not or would not see about ourselves. I will not hesitate to re-engage Corporate Facilitator when necessary.

-MC, Senior Business Leader-


Corporate Facilitator would always thank me for what I taught them, yet it seemed that I was the one always learning. I never could figure out why I was always thanked and yet, our overall performance was steadily improving. We were beginning to really understand each other in ways we had not prior. Corporate Facilitator added so much value. Thank YOU.

WS, Senior Business Leader


I really had my doubts that our Partnering challenges could ever be ameliorated. Our positions were entrenched and there were numerous ancillary parties also concerned about our relationship - all very big industry players with history. Within a few sessions of engaging Corporate Facilitator, highly complex issues began to distill into the simple and manageable. It was truly amazing to experience. More amazing, however, was that we did it ourselves or so it seemed. Corporate Facilitator would NOT tell us what to do; they did, however, help us see the consequences of specific alternatives so that we could lead ourselves out of our conflicts.

-GL, Senior Business Leader-


10 Steps ahead of us at all times. We were on AutoPilot before Corporate Facilitator engaged and really not clear on how to move forward on several fronts: leadership, leadership change, organizational change, communications, alignment, partnering, and overall business strategy. Corporate Facilitator exposed and challenged our assumptions about our current scenario, ourselves, each other, and the future. Corporate Facilitator does not seem to think inside the box but, if you listen closely, you will discover that you were and are much more intelligent than you ever knew.  Corporate Facilitator LLC was recommended to help us figure out how to improve our Partnering relationship. They seemed to really understand our scenario with our partner and helped us all find the common ground to move forward. Corporate Facilitator explains that partnering is a process not an event and yet they led the best single partnering session I had ever attended.

-SCZ, Senior Business Leader-


Corporate Facilitator was engaged to help us save our Partnership. Conflict relief was almost immediate such that I wondered why we had not brought Corporate Facilitator into the picture much earlier.

-NH, Senior Business Leader-


I was pleasantly surprised that we had the intelligence at the senior levels to engage Corporate Facilitator. Corporate Facilitator is like no other consulting company. After every coaching session, ad hoc or formal, I felt a growing sense of both relief and confidence. I actually look forward to work now where, before Corporate Facilitator, I was beginning to wonder.

-CF, Senior Business Leader-


We engaged Corporate Facilitator for a very private and sensitive strategic planning session. I was informed ahead of time that there would be a consultant there that I had not yet met. I walked in expecting some sort of pre-packaged presentation, perhaps even an accompanying canned typical management consulting speech. What I experienced, however, was just the opposite: first, there was no presentation, instead it was a completely spontaneous, penetrating and expanding dialog in which my awareness, as the senior executive in charge, was completely changed. CF said little initially, just listened. Then, CF started drawing pictures on the whiteboard that conveyed more than months of teleconferences. CF tells it like it is and wastes no time in the process. In fact, CF saved us probably years in time and millions in expenditures. Thanks to CF, our leadership team was quickly informed and well positioned to move forward. If you want to really understand your environment, CF is what you want.

-DJ, Senior Executive Business Leader-


Chugach Federal Solutions, Inc. (CFSI) at NAS Fallon selected Mr. Nash Mourad as our Professional Facilitator for several partnering sessions with our U.S. Navy clients. This was a very tumultuous period when both the contractor (CFSI) and the Navy were in the midst of a major contract transition. Nash was able to present us all with outstanding, professional observations and recommendations to improve our communications both internally and externally. We implemented his suggested courses of action and the results were excellent. We highly recommend Mr. Mourad’s services.

-Rodney Hunt, Project Manager-


Partnering was a real challenge that was only getting worse each day before engaging Corporate Facilitator. In fact, neutrality and objectivity were criteria we used to select them. We had looked at several conflict mediators, other business consultants, even lawyers but NONE were either as effective or able to solve our challenges SO QUICKLY.

-PA, Senior Business Leader-


I have sat through many Partnering engagements at this facility, some with facilitators, some without. I have to say your experience was evident in your presentations to our staff and the guidance you offered is invaluable. I know our staff here at Fallon learned a great deal from you about interaction and partnering with our customer. You are a true professional. You were wonderful to work with, very objective and with a wealth of knowledge to tap into to assist through a partnering process. Nash, thank you very much for your kind words and recognition!

-Stacia Stone, Procurement Manager, Issues Manager-


For years, I had been attempting to be a facilitator of sorts or an organizational change agent for my organization with some success - so I thought. My company is global, generally conservative and slow to change and my efforts were not always seen as central to success. They did, however, pay to train and certify me in nearly every professional, corporate psychological and motivational or leadership program out there. After engaging Corporate Facilitator, I was stunned by the fast and positive results and I am now convinced that some are natural and some only pretending. Corporate Facilitator is the real thing. Warning: Unlike other management consultants that seem to entrench, CF is with you for a purpose and WILL NOT remain engaged indefinitely. Learn what you can while CF is engaged - pay close attention. I highly recommend CF to those of you on the fence - money and time well spent.

-TNT, Senior Business Leader-


Nash and his expertise were instrumental in establishing a new organization responsible for management of information technology and information management projects. He not only mentored his peers during this management culture change but was invaluable to me in accessing the necessary change management skills I needed to lead this transition.

-Steve Fogdall, Senior IT Manager-


I recruited Nash Mourad to serve as an organizational change management consultant for one of our clients, a very large utility company challenged by a corporate culture that was mired in practiced ritual but teased by promised renewal. Not only did Nash bring sparkling clarity to the organization so it could focus on reality instead of myth, but he helped me clear away personal debris to let light and love assume their rightful roles of purity and harmony within my family. Nash is like no other consultant I have ever known. Through honest and often spontaneous one-on-one dialogues, he expresses contagious love that cannot help but spread goodness, freedom, and serenity to self and to all the selves with whom we interact with every day. What a joy to emerge with Nash!

-Adrienne Escoe, PhD, President & CEO-


Our international project had an unexpected partnering cost - the cost of conflict. Corporate Facilitator quickly assessed the situation while we continued our process and through a series of observations coupled with individual leadership coaching sessions, actually mitigated all the issues.

AD, Senior Executive


I had a session with Nash due to some conflict and intense fear. Within 24 hours I felt relief on the tension and conflict to the point that I wondered how did it ever get like this? I feel grounded, full, complete and am standing in my personal power. I would highly recommend Nash.

-JEM, Life Coach


I have never met a consultant like Nash. He inspires courage and honesty, but in a real way, not a fluffy, corporate buzz-wordy sense. He was not here long, but he helped me personally focus, clarify and articulate my own personal journey in ways I had not considered. To this day, some of his concepts still resonate with me and guide my approach as I navigate my way through Corporate America.

-Chris Cabrera, Senior Communications Lead-


Corporate Facilitator coaching techniques helped me during a difficult time in my career with understanding my individuality in the workplace and how I had allowed the cultural mindset to consume me and dictate my thoughts and actions. The emphasis placed on having healthy thoughts was critical. You absolutely amazed me with your ability to accurately assess what is going on in the corporate environment in relationship to me as an individual. I truly appreciate your gift and contribution as a corporate facilitator and the discussions we shared. As a result now, I am making sure I show up as a unique individual rooted in love!

-Johnnie Woods, Program Manager-


Nash has the innate ability to both recognize and translate how meaning is made. And, I know that is very broad but that seems to bewho Nash is. With this gift, he gently, openly, and persistently assists me in stepping out of my made-up realities – in stepping out of the thought paradigms that I have insisted are real – and facilitates my seeing of other possibilities. While Nash has helped me as an individual, I have seen him encounter groups of individuals with competing interests and catalyze harmonies out of chaos. He has the natural ability to take in so much from so many and create freeing and unifying concepts right there on the spot. He is not just my coach, he is also my friend. Nash says this about people in his life: x is both my student and my teacher. Nash seems to believe that he can learn from all circumstances and all relationships. As a result of my encounters with Nash, I have this growing notion in me that I too am more creative, not just in my relationships with others, but with my self.

-MK, Customer Service Coordinator-


Nash should change the name of his company from Corporate Facilitator to The Skeleton Key (all rights reserved ;-)). His philosophy and teachings were the key that not only unlocked the potential in me, but the authentic me as well. Nash, your unique gifts helped me see my fictions and in turn liberated me from them. By shining a light on the haze, he illustrated the time and energy wasted on that fog of fiction. Although his words and ideas changed the direction of my path; I am most grateful for is his loving patience. Nash gently guided me to the truths I needed to see. He genuinely loved and cared for me thru the whole process. I am grateful to have such a valued and loving friend.

Thank you Nash!......
-Amber Irish, Customer Service Manager


Typical management consultants take years and big expenditures to accomplish not even half of what Corporate Facilitator accomplishes in weeks.  We had what we perceived to be showstopper challenges on a multi-billion dollar project.  We engaged Corporate Facilitator PART TIME, less than 20 hours a week, for about 2 months.  We could barely believe the results but, by the end, we, the leaders, had changed our perspectives such that partnering was the only thing that made sense.  We actually started solving challenges with each other and, perhaps more importantly, could continue operating on schedule.  Corporate Facilitator sees through politicking and cuts to the core issues in rapid speed.  The one-on-one coaching sessions were amazing.  We saved time and money because CF enabled us to recognize and use OUR OWN talents carrying forward.

-TTW, Senior Business Leader-
The way Corporate Facilitator engages cannot be found in any graduate school textbook.  CF has an entirely unique and super fast way to catalyze personal and organizational transformation.  How can that be?  I just completed my PhD in Organizational Change Management yet, in speaking with CF, I learned of a completely different, simpler, but far more effective, way to relate to the topic of behavioral change.  The good thing is that CF clients do not need to understand how because that is probably a set of multi life lessons.   All one need do is describe your scene then let CF do what it does.

-RNN, Executive In-House Leadership Consultant-


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