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Organizational Learning

Organizational learning is a constant and cannot be made to happen. That means learning is always happening. How or what an organization learns however might be chosen. Organizations have either a propensity for fluid (flexible) or stunted learning styles. Most exist somewhere along a spectrum bound by these two styles. Every organization and the related learning style is a reflection of each stakeholder's perception.

Organizations with stunted learning styles tend to provide a dramatic and fear-based culture for their employees. Control becomes the management philosophy and a continuous objective in stunted learning environments. Planning is myopic and "change" is usually seen as frightening. Fluid learning environments, however, work within a general conceptual understanding of their purpose and see proposed change as opportunity for improvement. They generally respond, as a collective, with a high degree of cooperative participation.

Regardless of style, the Corporate Facilitator orients an organization towards fluidic learning - that is learning such that adaptive change becomes normalized within the environment.

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