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Leadership 101 - Participate, Don't Attach

Leaders maintain an open stance at all times. This means that they fully grasp the concept of illusions, the resulting delusional thinking and quietly discipline their minds past these ideas if they appear in their scene. Q: How does this idea relate to the business world? A: Delusional thinking causes tension, confusion and conflict and that reduces productivity, creativity, trust, and a sense of team and commitment. A leader fully understands that their function is to facilitate clarity at all times. They cannot, of course, do this while they are unclear about their own identity and purpose or at war with themselves, the world, an idea, or anyone else. Q: When a leader is confused, what should they do? A: Withdraw and get clarity. They remember who they are. The concept of team is critical to a leader - central to their identity - meaning everyone is equally valuable. A leader that is in conflict with themselves, the world, an idea, or another person cannot participate in a team because they have temporarily forgotten what the word 'team' means.

Q: So, what is a team? A: A team is an idea which, in its highest form, reflects an awareness that the good of all within and outside of the team is a *fundamental value and responsibility. Q: How then is a leader to participate and not attach? A: A leader recognizes that each scene in which they are engaged will tell of itself and that their function is to listen and stay open. A mind that is living in the past or future cannot be open to the present. A leader therefore detaches regularly from their interpretation of the past or future. So, a leader moves from moment to moment participating in a constant state of respect for the *fundamental value and responsibility described in the previous answer.

Q: What do you mean by "each scene...will tell of itself?"

A: Leaders understand that what they want to see, they will see. This is about the mind. A leader, therefore, will select what they want to see and discipline their mind towards their selection. Leaders select opportunities and solutions. Imagine donning a pair of attitudinal lenses before engaging your day or any moment. If that lens is attuned to opportunity, that is what the bearer will see. It is THAT simple. A leader does not resist thoughts that seem astray or negative neither however do they attach their minds to such thinking.

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