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Leadership 101: The Ability to Trust

Will you Trust? Trust in what you might ask. The trust about which I speak here has absolutely nothing to do with your past stories or future worries or your self-assessment of your own seeming power. The trust I speak of has everything to do with NOW void of those other ideas.

So, speaking in plain English: Do you trust that you are surrounded by talent? Do you trust that you are in the midst of the answers to the apparent challenges you seem to face? Do you trust that there is nothing random or accidental about the present? Do you trust that there is a benefit to you and your team in the seeming present situation?

Why is this specific type of trust important to you and your team's success? Because it is the only type of trust through which people are unified. Without this trust, a leader and team may instead prefer to believe in fear and resort to all sorts of manipulation, control, self-justification, and blame games for their solutions. Such an organization, bluntly, has chosen to self-destruct.

Leaders that trust, however, understand the difference between facts and fiction - most especially in their own minds. Leaders self-assess, self-correct, and self-align in a manner reflective of a defenseless and trusting stance. Being this way, they have absolutely nothing to hide or defend, and their transparency is reassuring.

When a leader trusts in their own self-assessment of their own power, they become easy prey to their own stupidity. Only insecure and vulnerable leaders feel the near constant need to justify and defend their positions. The trusting leader has no such need having self-respect which quite naturally extends to the people in their scenes. The trusting leader then makes it easy for others to relate to himself or herself. Will you trust?

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